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Paradise On Earth!

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Paradise On Earth! Build this world (The Earth) into a Paradise! As it is above, so below!! Consider the words of The Lord, “Let thy will be done on Earth, as it is in Heaven!!! (Ever thought of the deeper significance?) If only thou desireth it, where thou art, can…


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CHANGE… Someone stood where you are standing! Another day, someone else will take your place!! Always remember that no condition, or situation is permanent!! Life is a continuous process of change.


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…Success ? How do you react towards successful people? Is it with adoration, or admiration, or envy, or indifference? What is success and who is successful? Are you truly enjoying your current status in life? How fulfilled are you? Look inside you, the answer is there! ? ? Image Credit:…

Acts Of Kindness!

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? Acts Of Kindness! Seek ye to do good? Let not what ye find, be a “thank you”, or songs of appreciation, even a prayer of blessing from the beneficiary! Let what thou findeth be pure joy from the hearts of those you offer kindness to! Beautiful smiles of satisfaction…

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